Who are they you ask??


My husband Joey and I relocated from upstate New York to Wake Forest, NC in 2012 to give our children, Morgan and Joseph a better quality of life.  From the day we “landed” in the Wake Forest/ Raleigh area, it was clear that the decision was a perfect one!  We have been so fortunate in the time that we have been here, meeting the best of the best people, who have been like family to us!

Since our kids were mobile enough to “jump,” we loved taking them to indoor inflatable centers where they could get out some great energy and smile from ear to ear.  Our first experience with a “bounce house” was when we were visiting friends in Texas.  Morgan was just 18 months old and the fun she had was priceless!  Joey and I thought, “What a fantastic idea, let’s open our own.”


For the next several years, our adventure was put on hold for a bit due to everyday life of working, being parents and extracurricular activities.

Fast forwarding to 2014, we decided that the time was now.  Slowly but steadily, Jumpin JoJo’s has become a reality.  We enjoyed the idea so much that when we think about sharing it with you, our friends, we want for your children what we would want for our own!  Jumpin JoJo’s has been designed to provide your children with a safe, clean, affordable day out.  We want you, as parents, to sit and enjoy while your children laugh and smile and run and play!  As parents ourselves, we know how great it feels to sit and grab a sip of coffee or for that matter…just sit!!

Where did they come up with that name?


Well…, Joey and his namesake, Joseph of course!

We could not leave Morgan out, naturally.  So when you come for a snack at M&M Café, just know that Morgan Miller has had that nick name since the beginning of time, or so it feels like!


And that Kangaroo??


When our very own “baby Joey” was born, his Great-Aunt gave him a stuffed animal with a baby Joey in her pouch.  7 years later, that same Great-Aunt said, “Your mascot should be a Kangaroo!”  And so JoJo the Kangaroo came to life!

We are so glad that we can share this adventure with all of you!  Come and introduce yourselves! We are everyday people. A mom and dad just like you with a couple of kids that love to jump, run, laugh and play!

Come Jump and party with us at Jumpin JoJo’s, “Where Kool Kids Bounce!”

Nicole Miller

Jumpin JoJo’s, Inc.